About us ...

For more than 330 years, the Wagner family operates a vineyard - documented by public records, which currently extends over 12 ha of vineyards in Vienna and Klosterneuburg Weidling. The oldest basement parts of the house date back to the 17th century.

Since 1784, when emperor Josef II  regulated the sale of wine in Vienna by imperial decree, we serve the wines of our own wineyard.

The name „Feuerwehr* Wagner“** originates back to around 1900 when owner Josef Wagner was the last chief of the volunteer fire brigade of Heiligenstadt.

After a reconstruction in 1972, which substantially increased the wine tavern, we serve the wine to our guests in seven rooms on two floors.

During winter months, the wood fired tile stoves give an especially comfortable warmth.  In the summertime, our guests can enjoy the evening sunset in our terraced garden or in our pittoresque arcaded inner court.

In addition to our excellent wines, we are especially proud of our „Heurigen“  buffet with cold and hot dishes and seasonal delicacies.

Our guests’ special requests are always welcome.

We take our time to ascertain your best.

*“Feuerwehr“ = fire brigade

** Probably to distinguish it from his brother’s business, which was located beside the parish church and hence called „Kirchen Wagner“ (Kirche = church).